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Yoga For Infertility In Women

Yoga can be very helpful in many health related problems. It has also been proved that yoga can help the mind become more peaceful and strong. We in this article will specifically discuss how yoga can help women who are facing fertility issues. Infertility is a common concern that is affecting millions of women. With yoga the problems with infertility can be solved very effectively.

Let us first understand why infertility in women is becoming such a huge concern. Well the reasons are listed below:

  1. Women today are opting for late pregnancy. After thirty the ability of a woman to produce a child only reduces. This is one of the main causes.
  2. Some women have hormonal problems in their body as a result they cannot conceive easily.
  3. In some cases too much of stress at work can also be a cause for infertility in women.
  4. It has been noted that women sometime take to smoking and drinking as a result their reproductive system suffers and can lead to infertility.
  5. Obesity can also be a cause of infertility.
  6. If the woman has ever suffered from a major disease like cancer or something then the medications can lead to infertility.

It is not true that only women in mid and late thirties suffer from infertility issues. This issue can be present in young women too. Let us understand what infertility in women is first. Well a woman can face infertility issues under two situations:

  1. When women cannot produce enough hormones that can support the pregnancy to carry on the woman may become infertile.
  2. The most common cause of infertility in women is when there not regular ovulation occurring as a result even after trying for months pregnancy do not happen.

Yoga can help women to deal with infertility quite well. There are some points that must be kept in mind and they are:

  1. You must consult your doctor before you start doing these yogas on regular basis.
  2. You must ensure that you do the yoga regularly for a certain time.
  3. The yoga must be continued along with medication. Unless the yoga is accompanied with medication you will not get the desired results.
  4. You must ask your doctor if you can continue with the yoga even after conceiving.
  5. The yoga must be done early in the morning in empty stomach.

    Infertility in women

    Infertility in women

Some women may question how is it that yoga can help in infertility? Well the answer is simple:

  1. Yoga keeps the mind fresh as a result it comes under the control of the body.
  2. It can be an effective way to reduce stress.
  3. Yoga improves the flow of oxygen and blood into the different parts of the body as a result the ability of the body to conceive also increases.
  4. Yoga keeps the body young and helps it to produce eggs regularly.

Some yoga that can help to solve the infertility problem in women is listed below. You can either do all of these or a few of them for better results.

  1. Suryanamaskara – it is considered to be a complete yoga that is accompanied with meditation. When you do this regularly it will help the body to become healthy from within and also give it the strength to conceive. At least twenty rounds of this yoga must be done regularly.
  2. Padmasan – this is the second form of yoga that women can try in order to deal with infertility. In this the mind becomes still and peaceful. It reduces the stress levels considerably as a result the chances to conceive increases.
  3. Savasana – it is also called the corpse pose can help immensely to control the mind. This gives a sense of calm and peace as a result the person doing this yoga can increase her chance of conceiving. This asana may seem a simple one but it is one of the most complex and difficult asanas in yoga. This asana is more into meditation.
  4. Setu Bandasana – It is also called the supported bridge pose in yoga. In this the body is balanced on the neck. The body is lifted with the help of legs and neck. This can really help in infertility issues and help the reproductive organs of the women to function better.
  5. Salamba sarvangasana – in this pose the whole body of the individual is rested on the neck. The legs point toward the ceiling. It improves the blood circulation in the body and can lead to regular ovulation cycles. It is a little complex yoga and must be done only under supervision.

You can do these yogas in order to get rid of your infertility issues. We recommend these to all women as they are safe and do not have any side effects. All the best!

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