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Do not take out your frustration on kids

We live very stressful lives today. We have different types of stress like work, finding time for ourselves, maintaining the house, financial problems and the last but not the least is the kids. Each stress has to be dealt in a particular way. Each stress is different.

Dealing with stress

We must learn how to deal with the stress and one more important thing is that we must never take out the frustration on the kids. It is easier than done. Many people feel that full time mothers do not get stressed as they are in the house. However, this is not true at all on the contrary research proves that women staying in the house are more depressed and stressed than the others.

Innocent kids

Children are innocent and they just want to have a good time. They do not care about what is going on around them and they all just want to have a good time in life. They do not understand what the parents are going through. Perhaps they should not either and live an innocent life.

It’s the innocence of the kids that help them spread so much happiness around. It is important to have a happy environment in the house so that the kids have a wonderful childhood. Research proves that children who do not get enough time with the parents are the ones who start using gadgets and spend a lot of time with the television. These kids start to withdraw and also avoid mixing with people.

Why Not?

Why should you not take out your frustration on the kids?

  1. It makes them feel insecure and not loved. Some kids also feel that the parents do not care for them.
  2. Kids want happiness and joy. They do not want to live in a house where the atmosphere is not a happy one. The environment in the house can have a deep impact on their early childhood and also on their adult lives.
  3. Physically hitting the child is a very wrong thing to do. Many parents take out their frustration by hitting the kids and yelling at them.
  4. Scolding the kid in front of others and strangers can also be very bad for the development of the child and these kids may suffer from lack of self-esteem later on in life.
  5. Kids who are exposed to violence from parents tend to become more and more stubborn later in life. They throw tantrums and can become very difficult to control as teenagers.

Dealing with situations

How to deal with a situation in which you are frustrated and stressed and you feel like taking it out on someone so you choose the little kid. You know the kid is helpless and the best person to take out the frustration on:

  1. Before you yell at the kid or raise your hands to think will it make the situation better or worse? Once you hit the kid it’s for sure that you will regret it later.
  2. If you feel that you are losing it and any moment you can yell at the kid or hit him the best solution is take a break. If you are alone in the house you can just go into a room. Lock yourself and do some deep breath in and breath outs. Just close your eyes and try to relax for a few minutes.
  3. We know parenting is a tough job. However, it is important that you give yourself the time and space. The free time you get in life you would want to spend it with the kids. However, the point is spend time when you think you are in a frame of mind to spend quality time with the kid. If you are stressed and frustrated you will not be able to give the child the best time.
  4. Instead of forcing yourself try to spend all the free time that you have with the kid try to spend some time alone and relax. Do things that you like to do and meet people you like to spend time with. This can help you become a much better and positive parent.
  1. Try to think of activities that you can enjoy with the child and that can help you to unwind. It can be something as simple as painting or just going for a walk in the park.
  1. Each of us have a different nature and some of us do get angry easily. Anger management is a great idea to unwind and it can help people to deal with the frustrations.
  1. If you feel that you have a problem and you are getting angry too often then maybe the best solution is to talk about it to a counsellor and try to solve the problem. A counsellor may be able to tell you how you can deal with your anger and frustrations better.

It is important that we always think before we let go of our frustrations on the kids. We should learn to deal with our anger and frustration and not let it affect anyone, especially the children.

The outcome of a childhood that was exposed to physical and mental abuse can be very dangerous for the children later on in their life. Especially today where we live a life that is surrounded with incidents of kids taking to violence and harming themselves as well as the people around them.

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