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Yoga For Infertility In Men

Infertility is the latest problem that many men face across the world. The doctors suggest a lot of treatments for infertility in men. The medical science clearly states that infertility in men is more difficult to revolve than in women. The many reasons that lead to infertility in men are:

Infertility in Men

Infertility in Men

  1. Too much of stress.
  2. Lack of exercise that causes lethargy.
  3. Obesity can again be a common cause for infertility in men.
  4. Addiction like alcohol and smoking can also attribute to infertility.
  5. Lack of rest and too much of pressure can also be a big cause.
  6. Bad food habits and lack of nutrition
  7. Planning baby late in life can also lead to infertility as the biological cycle of the body reduces the number of sperms with age.
  8. Sometimes an injury in the genitals can also be a reason for infertility in men.

The main reason for infertility in men is the lack of healthy sperms in the body of the man. The reasons for this can be anything as we have listed above. Why infertility is becoming common today is a question that many people ask. The answer is simple. About ten years back the average age of marriage was twenty five to thirty for men and they would kids by mid thirties. Today men get married in early thirties and have kids by mid thirty or early forty. The biological clock of the body is set in such a way that after thirty the number of sperms in the body starts to reduce. As a result infertility is becoming a main concern across the world.

There are a lot of drugs that can be given to increase the quality and the count of sperms. We will now in this article discuss how yoga can help men in dealing with infertility. When you are taking to yoga you must remember these points:

  1. Consult your doctor before you start doing the yoga.
  2. Do the yoga regularly and for a specific time.
  3. Be positive and keep motivating yourself.
  4. The yoga has to be accompanied with medication in order to get the best results.
  5. The best time of doing this yoga will be early morning and empty stomach.
  6. Regular exercises should also be done along with the yoga.

Some may wonder how yoga can help in dealing with infertility in men. Well the fact is that yoga is scientific and many doctors also recommend the same to the patients. It has been proved that yoga can be very helpful in dealing with infertility in men. How yoga helps is discussed below:

  1. It makes you positive and as a result you can deal with the problem better.
  2. It is safe and there will hardly be any side effects of doing yoga.
  3. Apart from infertility it can also solve many other health and mental problems.

Some yoga poses that can help to deal with infertility in men are as follows:

  1. Suryanamaskara – we have explained about this in our previous articles. This can be very effective in infertility and increase the sperm counts. About fifteen to twenty cycle of the Suryanamaskara can really help you to deal with the fertility issues.
  2. Padmasan is another very common yoga pose that is recommended to the men in order to improve their chances of having a baby. This improves the blood circulation of the body. It also helps the mind to come under control of the individuals. The fertility drugs instruct the brain to produce more sperms. Similarly with this yoga one can instruct the brain to produce more sperms.
  3. Shirshasan – in this asana the whole body is made to rest on the neck and the head as a result the blood flow of the body improves considerably. It is not an easy pose to do but can be very effective in infertility if you can do it. Try to learn it from an expert and do it only if you do not have a neck or a back pain.
  4. Savasana or the corpse pose can also be very effective in order to increase the sperm out of the body. This pose calms the body and helps your mind to get a better control over your body. This also helps the drugs you are taking to show better results.

We hope that this article on Yoga for infertility in men will help our readers to understand how they can solve the fertility issues with yoga. Yoga can help your fertility drugs to work better and faster. This is exactly why you must give it a shot. It will definitely give you good results. So be positive and start doing the yoga poses that we have suggested in this article.

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