Published On: Sat, May 10th, 2014

Mother’s Day: May 11th – A Tribute

As we celebrate the Mother’s Day on 11th May 2014 this year, we would like pay tribute to all Moms across the world who care selflessly for their kids and perform the toughest job in the world. A short poem as an ode to the Mothers globally. Share if you agree to this and want to pay you share of respect to this Divine form of the feminine

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Mother is personification in human body, a reflection of the ultimate Divine

O Lord when you could not be present everywhere you made an image of Thine

Today as the world celebrates the valuable Mother’s Day

It is a date worth remembering, this year it falls on 11th of May

Let us salute the unsung heroines who spend their entire life

Perform this difficult task of motherhood along with being a caring wife



Who are bothered day and night for the welfare of their child

Undergo so many troubles, not letting kids have even problem mild

Who nurture values and beliefs and lay the foundation of child’s success

Who never bother about their own comfort, even if just seems a mess

They only have one goal to raise their kids in the manner that is best

Who toil hard and ensure that the child has proper food and rest

Who can pay off such a human relation either with money or any gift

Neither can one count the blessings, even with the minutest sift

So let us resolve on this day that we will respect this feminine form

To honour any female as a sister and mother, should not be an exception but a norm

When the world is witnessing so many crimes again the tender gender

We should ensure that highest punishment is given to the offender

For only when women in general feel safe and free to move around even at night

Then can be ensured that everyone including Mothers don’t meet any such plight

Let this Mother’s Day be a new beginning for all ladies of the world from this hour

Those who distribute the sweetness of Motherhood should not have to taste things sour

Once again a Happy Mother’s Day to the spirit of love, care, sacrifice all so pure

That to honour, respect and accept the Divinity should be our goal for sure


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