Published On: Sun, Nov 13th, 2016

Happy Children’s Day 2016


A child is the hope of humanity, it is the birth of the future unseen

Just ensure that they have sufficient vitamins, minerals and protein

All days are happy for children, yet it is celebrated on 14 as a tradition

Let us celebrate it with new vigor and energy, celebrating new edition

May this day remind us, that we all have to be like children, so pure

That is the only way to pass through kaliyuga, certainly for sure

Let us be like kids, who quarrel, fight and then just forget

Who do not take anything to heart, nor have any regret

They are like plain water, which can fit into any vessel or jar

Not even the greatest incident can leave on their mind any scar

They are the form which is closed to the Mother Divine

To understand this we have to develop an insight sublime

On this children’s day let us just remember and always Pray

That each moment is an opportunity, life is new every day

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