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Introvert Child: Facts vs Myths

Introvert child is a term that is associated with children who don’t talk much and like to be on their own. As a child it is normal to be naughty and talkative. However, there may be exceptions. Some children are quite and they want to be left alone. Some parents think that these children are not normal and need special care. Well this is not always true. We will discuss about Introvert child: facts vs. myths in this article so that you can understand your child better.

Well let us first clarify that there are two types of Introvert children. One are those who are born introverts and thus from a very young age they like to stay aloof. On the other hand there are Introvert children who become introvert with time. This may happen due to many emotional and physical changes that happen around them. For example divorce of parents, death in the family, etc.

The first case of introvert children is normal. The second is definitely not. If your fun loving child becomes quite all of a sudden then you definitely must talk to him or her. There can be even more serious reasons like a sexual assault. Always respect the child. Don’t think that the child is a kid and lacks intelligence. You must consider them seriously and listen to them carefully.

Those children who are Introvert from birth are normal. These children may be more matured and sensitive from the other children. Study proves that emotional quotient is much higher for children who are introverts. They are quite by nature and like to keep their thoughts within themselves. However, if you show interest you will find that these children are more creative than the normal children.

There is a big misconception about the introvert kids that they are arrogant that is why they don’t talk to others. Well this is not true at all. Introverts are not arrogant at all. They cannot open up to people easily. They like to stay within themselves and talk very less. This makes them unsocial. However, as a parent you can try to improve their nature. You definitely cannot make an introvert child over friendly. Nevertheless, you can at least ensure that these children become a little more social. If you have an introvert child and you want him or her to become more social then you will have to be very patient.

You first must understand the child and what he wants. You should not force anything on them instead you must be very supportive. You have to spend time with the child. Play with him or her. Encourage them to persue their hobby and interest. You must ensure that they make friends. They will generally make very few friends. They make friends with those they are comfortable with. You must ensure that when they are comfortable with someone you make them meet these people again and again. You should send the child to shops and other places so that they need to interact in order to buy something. This will make them a little more social.

If the introvert child is a school going child then you must inform the teachers and the principal that the child is an introvert and must be dealt with more care. As a teacher and parent you should ensure that the child is never made fun of just because he or she is an introvert. If an introvert child comes to know that people are making fun of them then they will become even more introvert. You can encourage the introvert child to participate in various competitions. If the child does so he will become more confident. Introvert children are gifted as a result they often perform well in competitions and studies. If your child is naturally an introvert try not to take them to crowded places as that will make them withdraw more.

If started early with these simple steps then the introvert child can become more social as an adult.

I hope we have been able to bust some of your misconceptions about introvert children. These points that we have made above will definitely help you to improve your child’s social ability. Introverts face a lot of problems in life on both personal and professional levels. Nevertheless, if with these tips you make them a little more social it will definitely help them in the future.

Another popular misconception is that if the parents are social the child should normally be a social one too. This is not a fact. Introverts depend on a lot of factors other than genes. You must accept your child the way they are. You must try to understand that the child has different preference. As a social parent it becomes more difficult to understand an introvert child but if you try you can definitely can. An introvert child is not a shy child. Please don’t think that your introvert child is shy. Your child will be most comfortable with you alone. This is exactly why you should talk to the child more and ensure that they speak about their deepest feelings to you.

We all need a source to let out our emotions. Introverts cannot find this passage as a result they can become more quite. You can encourage them to write a dairy. If they do so then they will find a passage to their feelings and be more at peace. Some introverts find a lot of solace in writing a dairy. Well please ensure that you never try to read this dairy. If your child gets to know they will become more quite.

Another myth is that drama can only be done by extrovert children. This is not true at all. It is in fact better for introvert children to be a part of a drama. This will remove stage fear and make them more open. Some parents belive that having one child can make them introverts. This is again not true. Even one among siblings can be introvert. This is true that if you have two different children in the house then the introvert child may become more social due to the presence of the other child.

These are some of the popular myths about introvert child. We hope you liked this article on Introvert child: facts vs. myths.

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