Published On: Tue, Jan 28th, 2020

Can ghosts be easily be seen by children?

It is told across the world that the children are the first to encounter ghosts and para normal activities. There have been many instances where it has been seen that children are able to sense the presence of something abnormal much before any other. We will start with the example of a couple in Michigan. They have a daughter named Lily. This incident was reported a few months back and became quite popular in the social media. The couple lived in an apartment and often they would hear the sounds of someone laughing or talking loudly. They sometimes thought that it came from the other house and at times they just ignored these. One day they found some purple scratches on the face of Lily. They both did not understand from where it came.

The couple decided that they will keep a CCTV camera in the room where Lily sleeps to ensure they know from where the scratches came. The next day when they saw the footage they were shocked. In the recording it was clear that some Para normal activity was happening around Lily. They could see a shadow and at times the appearance looked like that of a man standing near the crib. The shadow was seen around the crib for a while and Lily was looking at the shadow and trying to communicate. After sometime the shadow vanished into thin air. The couple decided that they will try to find out about the history of the house and if any man ever lived in the house. They got to know that a few years back there lived an old woman in the same apartment. She was paralysed from hip and the lower part of her body was immovable. Still under mysterious circumstances she was found dead, her death occurred as she fell from the stairs. How could a paralysed person fall from the steps? After that her brother who was schizophrenic also lived in the same house till his death. The couple had often heard a male voice shouting and laughing loudly inside the house. The couple decided that they will never leave Lily alone in any room of the house. They later on got some experts who were of the opinion that the house was indeed haunted. Maybe the spirit that haunted was a friendly one and would do no harm to them. Still the couple decided that they would not take any risks and would leave the house for the safety of the child and themselves.

What is interesting in this story is that there were two adults in the house but the ghost would ensure that he or she comes only to the child. This is just one example. There are many more such examples where it has been noticed that the spirits come to meet the kids. Some say that children often make stories and some parents do take their stories to be true. A child has the ability to imagine more than an adult can. As adults we know the world is restricted to reality for a child it is not so, their world is vast and in imagination they can go anywhere. If we adults see something we may not notice it at all but a child will not only notice but also make an interesting story with it.

The para normal experts say that we should not always ignore what the child is saying as just an imaginative story. Some children do actually see spirits and they want us to know what the spirit is going through. The children do not know about ghosts and para normal activities. They are innocent and their minds are free of fear. When they see someone they will become friends with that person and also communicate with them. Spirits and ghosts are restless they are looking for peace. They look for mediums through whom they can get peace. When they come across a child who believes in them they appear to them. These kids will slowly become friends with the spirits and they will start talking to their parents about the friendship. In most of the cases the parents feel the child is making a story.

Many parents from across the world have reported stories where their kids told them about invisible friends and people visiting them. Some children would also give the names. When the parents tried to search with the names they found out that such people actually did live in the house years back and in some cases met with sad and mysterious ends. A woman said that her child would time and again talk about a girl with red eyes that visited him and slept in the same house with them. These visitors are sometimes seen by the parents too and in most of the cases the parents never get to see these visitors.

It is advisable to parents that they must always keep in mind that the child might be witnessing some strange activities and people visiting. It is quite possible. If a child talks like this as parents instead of saying that you feel it is a rubbish try to get into the details. First try to get as many details as possible from the child about these strange things he or she is talking about. Try to talk about it whenever there is a possibility to discuss. Some points will be true and some will just be imagination. Do not make the child get scared and tell them to go with normal life. Even if you are scared of what the child is talking about do not show your fears to the child.

When you have all the facts try to find out about the history of the house talk to people, search the internet and try to get as much information as possible, in most of the cases you will find some history to the house. When you get the data speak to an expert and seek help. The experts will be able to help you and they will ensure that the house is free of the spirits. There is a procedure to deal with these cases and try to follow them. Running away from the situation and the house is not a solution at all. These things happen to many families and when you try to leave the place the para normal activities only increase and can be dangerous for your family and the child.

We hope that the readers will find this article informative. Animals and children are the first to sense any Para normal activity. When the kids talk about something take them seriously, especially the children who are below five. The departed souls look for a medium to communicate and get free. Children seem to be easy targets as they are innocent and they do not understand the concept of dead. Some of these encounters are harmless and sometime these can go to a next level all together. As parents you must take the necessary steps to protect the children and ensure that they are safe. If you search online you will notice that many parents across the world have experienced these situations.

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