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Child Abuse Facts

Child abuse is an ugly truth that we all know of. In this article we will try to explain how the child abuse happens and what the child abuse facts are. As a parent this can be the worst nightmare come true. It is one of the duties of the parents to protect the child from getting abused sexually or physically. You have to be careful and notice the traces of child abuse at the earliest so that you can take the actions that you need to take on time.

Some points on child abuse facts are:

  1. The statistics prove that worldwide at least five children die in a day due to child abuse. The death rate is more in children who are below four years of age.
  2. The alarming figures say that it is boys who have higher chances of getting sexually abused than girls. One reason maybe that parents are not so protective about a boy child and the boys will generally not express their traumas easily like girls do. One out of three girls and three out of five boys has the chances of getting sexually abused before they reach the age of eighteen.
  3. In 90 percent cases of child abuse the kid already knows the person.
  4. It is even alarming that about 68 percent of the kids face child abuse from the family members themselves.
  5. A child can be as small as one year old to get abused sexually.
  6. Most of the children who face child abuse do not know what is happening to them and they suffer. As a result the cases are neglected unless something drastic like death happens.
  7. In the United States itself about 3.6 million children are abused in a year. The total of such cases across the world would be about six million. These are cases that are reported there may be many such cases that don’t even get reported.
  8. The kids who were sexually abused as a child and their case was neglected may grow up and do the same crime with other children. These people have a very bad frame of mind which is extremely negative.
  9. More than physical damage sexual abuse as a child impacts ones mental health. These victims cannot trust others and it becomes very difficult for them to develop a healthy relationship later in life.
  10. At least eighty percent of the children who were abused sexually as a child will grow up and develop a psychological disorder. They need counselling and extra attention from people around them so that they can recover these negative impacts on their mind.
  11. If you visit the jails and look at the history of the prisoners in there. You will see an alarming fact. About 14 percent men and 36 percent women who were sexually abused as a child commit crimes and re imprisoned.
  12. The victims of child abuse become pregnant and they suffer both mentally and physically. In about twenty five percent cases of child abuse pregnancy occurs all across the world.
  13. Almost every 10 seconds a report of child abuse is made across the world.
  14. Neglecting the complaints of the child is also a form of child abuse and it can be even more serious than the actual act.
  15. The child abuse can happen at any level of society. People with any background can be involved in child abuse. This is what makes it so difficult to trace a person who was involved in child abuse.

Some parents may say how they recognise those people who can involve in child abuse. Well you must know that you cannot recognise a person who can probably abuse your child. You just have to follow some points here:

Child Abuse Facts

Child Abuse Facts

  1. Spend time with the child and be friendly to them so that they can share their deepest secrets with you.
  2. Explain to your child what comes under the category of child abuse. Tell them the following facts:If someone is touching their genitals other than parents they must report it to the parent.
  3. If someone makes them touch their genitals then it must be told to the parents as this is wrong.
  4. Even showing pornography to the child is a form of child abuse. You must explain to the child that if someone is forcing them to see something inappropriate they can talk about it to the parents.
  5. Sometimes the child might be made to pose sexually and see the genitals of an adult do explain to the child that all this is not correct and this must be informed to the parents.
  6. When the child tells you that he or she was sexually abused or someone attempted to abuse them then no matter how close this person is you have to confront them. Trust the child as he or she will not lie about something so bad.
  7. Children who do not play much with others and are a little quite type become victim to child abuse more often. Similarly if you have a child who is mentally challenged they again have a high chance of getting sexually abused. It can be more difficult to explain a child who is mentally challenged about sexual abuse.
  8. Some parents feel that the child abuse can never happen to their kids. Well this is not true it can happen anywhere and to any child. If you teach them the points we have mentioned here the child will be able to at least understand what is happening to them is wrong and they must communicate about it to the parents. If the child is abused and it is left neglected then when the child grows up he may develop scars that will haunt him all through his life and make him a negative person.
  9. If you notice that your child is withdrawing and becoming quite all of a sudden you must talk to them and try to find out why exactly they are becoming so quite. Initially the child may not want to open up but as you talk to them and show concern the child might open up and communicate his actual problem.

We hope that when you read this article on child abuse facts you will be able to understand what child abuse actually is and how you can ensure that you protect your child from this terrifying reality. You can do it and it is your duty to ensure that your child feels protected and cared. All that you need to do is be a little brave and talk about this sensitive topic to the child. There are lot of organisations across the world that helps children who were sexually abused as a child. You can donate to them and work with them to protect the children who are sexually abused.

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