Published On: Mon, Dec 23rd, 2013

Why Can’t I Get Pregnant?

As a doctor or even as a woman you must have heard these words why can’t I get pregnant? It is a very common problem that we as women face today. A lot of research is being done on the subject and a lot of medicines are available too. However, although at one had we know so much about this process on the other hand we are also equally ignorant and none of us can deny that a Godlike force is definitely involved in this process.

Common Infertility Problems

We will now discuss some common infertility problems that women face and how they can be dealt with. All the problems that are related to infertility can be treated and you don’t need to worry much. Just relax and be aware of the treatments so that you can use them and get the results.

why cant i get pregnant

Why Cant I Get Pregnant

With age the fertility reduces both for men and women. Men have a reduction in sperm count with age. However, with hormonal tablets and injections are available to track this issue. Too much of smoking and drinking in both men and women can be a factor in not able to get pregnant. These must be stopped and that can increase the sperm count and the chances to have a baby. The stress level that we deal with today is very high. A high stress level can reduce the urge to have sex and thereby reduce the chances to have babies. These are however up to your own mental strengths. The better you can get these off the higher would be your chances to have a baby.

Cysts in the ovary might happen if someone has been on contraceptive pills or did not have regular periods. These don’t let ovulation happen and as a result delays pregnancy. These can be operated and dealt with laser beams. Illegal drugs and caffeine must be totally left to have a baby. Caffeine is very dangerous in pregnancy. Try to eat healthy. Have vitamin, calcium and a lot of folic acid. These will definitely increase your chances to have a healthy baby faster.

Another reason for why you are not getting pregnant is that you might be having sex soon after your periods. Have it just few days before ovulation this will definitely increase your chances to have a baby. If you or your partner is over or underweight then too you might find it difficult to have a baby. Ideal weight is what is required to have a baby. The last bit is the most important don’t stop living your life and being happy just because you are not having a baby. Just keep trying and be positive.

I hope we were able to answer most of your questions related to, why can’t I get pregnant. I hope you will follow these steps and you will be able to have a baby soon. There are treatments for all infertility problems both for men and women. You just need to use them and have faith in God’s will.

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