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What Is Ovulation Calculator?

Women who want to get pregnant may find this article of interest. When you plan pregnancy you want to ensure that it works. Well if you want to get pregnant then the ovulation calculator can be a great help to you. This can help you to decide when exactly you should plan a child. This calculator will give you days when if you have sex then the chances of having a baby increase by many times.

We will now discuss what ovulation calculator in more details is. Many women feel that perhaps something is wrong because they are not conceiving. They become stressed and complicate their lives. Well there may be nothing wrong with you just that you need to make a small change in your planning to help you get a baby faster. This is exactly what we are going to discuss now.

I know of many women who have been trying to have a baby for a long time. They often wonder why they are not able to get pregnant. Well you don’t have to lose your sleep. Don’t spend all that money on a doctor. There is a simple technique that you can use. You can find an ovulation calculator online. You can also buy an ovulation kit online. As a first step you must note down the first date of your period. Keep this record for at least four months.

Then you need to calculate the gap between the dates. It can be a twenty eight day cycle or a thirty one day cycle. When you know the gap and the dates it becomes easier to calculate the ovulation dates. Many women will tell you that if you have irregular periods it is difficult to get the ovulation dates. This is true but if you can keep a track of the dates and the gap between the dates it becomes easier to predict the ovulation dates. Well must mention here that if you don’t get your periods regularly it can be a big problem. If the gap is over two months the ovulation calculator cannot help you. In case you have such irregular cycles then do consult your doctor and get the treatment done immediately. Huge gap between two periods can be very dangerous for pregnancy as well as your health.

The ovulation calculator works on a very simple logic. Every woman has an ovulation cycle of her own. This is the time that the egg takes to reach the oviduct from the ovarian follicles. This is around fifteen days from the day the last period occurred. During this time the egg is in the best time to fertilise.

If a sperm meets the egg in this time the chances of the egg getting fertilized increases by many times. The body at this time produces many hormones at this time that enables the body to conceive better. This is the time if you have sex there is a high probability of getting pregnant. If no fertilization occurs the woman will have her normal periods. If you have unprotected sex during this time then you must take a contraceptive. If this is not done then the chances of an unplanned pregnancy increases.

Now that you know the ovulation cycle and how it happens. You will be able to understand your ovulation cycle better. Suppose your LMP (last date of your periods) was 20th May 2013 and if you have a thirty one days cycle then the most fertile time for you will be 4th June to 10th June. If the cycle is twenty eight days then the most fertile period for you will be 2nd June to 8th June.

As you move away from this fertile period the chances of getting pregnant reduces. If you have sex within the first ten days from the time your period started you will not conceive. For example if your LMP was 2nd May then you can afford to have unsafe sex till 12th May. This time is safe and you will not conceive even if you don’t take pills. Ovulation calculator is a concept that can be used even by women who don’t want to have a child but enjoy the pleasures of unprotected sex.

If you are trying for a long time to have a baby then you must try this ovulation calculation. This will definitely increase your chances of having a baby. In case you try during this time but you are not getting pregnant you can consult a doctor. The doctor will be able to advise you better on this matter. You may need some treatments to get pregnant or there maybe some other problem.

We would advise all women that before you try for a baby please meet your doctor and get a complete health check up done. You must also have folic acid at least six months before you plan the pregnancy this will protect you from any problems that can happen in the initial stages of pregnancy. You will now want to know from where you can get an ovulation calculator.

Well you can find them online. You can also get then in the medical stores. These are called ovulation kit. You can use these kits and find out when exactly you are most fertile. This will help you to conceive fast. Some doctors can also tell you the rough time when your ovulation will be the highest. We would recommend the ovulation kits as they are so far most effective.

Now that we have told you all about what is ovulation calculator we must tell you that pregnancy depends a lot on the stress that you are taking. If you take a lot of stress the chances of getting pregnant reduces. Don’t take the ovulation calculator very seriously. If you do so the stress can be bad for you.

You must enjoy the sex and have a calm mind in order to conceive. We hope that these tips will help you to plan a baby better and help you understand why you are not conceiving. Couple this up with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Being happy is also very important. You can also look at meditation and prayers. You must discuss about the ovulation calculator with your partner and tell him the dates. This will help him ensure that he does not plan any travel or anything urgent in this time.

We hope that this article on what is ovulation calculator will help you to understand the ovulation cycle better. You can use this knowledge to plan your pregnancy. This will definitely help you to conceive. Many women across the world have used it and got benefited from the same.

What are you waiting for? Get your ovulation kit today. The tips are simple. Just that we don’t think about them in detail. If you have a problem there must be a solution. Just thinking about the problem will not help you have to look at the solutions. When you look for solutions you will definitely find one. Even if the problem seems an impossible one there must be a solution too.

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