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Week One & Two Of Pregnancy

Given the high demand of queries related to pregnancy and related knowledge, we are starting a series on the different weeks of pregnancy starting from the first week till the last week of pregnancy

The Early Stages

It is the earliest stage of pregnancy and most of the women will not even know that they are actually pregnant in this week. However, if you have had an IVF or you have planned a pregnancy then this week can make you very anxious.

The article that we are about to write will reduce your anxiety to some extent. In this week the ovulation occurs. The mature egg is let into the fallopian tube where it will meet the sperms and get fertilized. The first week of pregnancy is the week just after ovulation it will mostly be about two weeks from your last periods. For example if you had your period in 1st week of August the

Femal Reproductive System

Femal Reproductive System

conceiving can only happen in the mid of August.

Use of Science

There is no equipment in medical science yet that can detect a pregnancy so early so the only way you can confirm your pregnancy is to wait for another two weeks at least. With the help of sonography the exact time of ovulation can be predicted and if you have intercourse as you ovulate the chances of your getting pregnant will multiply. This is a common practice that is followed with women who are not able to conceive for a long time.

However, if natural intercourse cannot get you pregnant even after tracking three to four cycles of ovulation then the doctor may suggest you to go for a IVF or a IUI. You can also use the ovulation kits that are usually available in the market for this purpose too. Nevertheless, we suggest that a sonography is always more reliable when it comes to predicting the ovulation.

Stress-less Performance

While you have sex ensure that you enjoy the process and do not stress yourself over getting pregnant. Discuss with your partner and ensure that he too is involved in the process and is a strong emotional support to you.

To ensure that the fertilised egg is implanted and pregnancy occurs you can start taking hormone pills that will increase the supply of oestrogen to your body and improve your chances to conceive. You can also start taking folic acid at this stage. Your doctor can advise the name of the pills that you must take in order to ensure that you get pregnant.

Points to Take Care

Apart from medication you must also follow the following points:

  1. Do not lift anything too heavy.
  2. Drink a lot of water.
  3. You must be positive even if you have been trying to have a baby for a long time. The more positive you feel the better will be your chances of having a healthy and a strong baby.
  4. Try to do regular prayers as praying can often make your mind calm which is essential in this stage.
  5. Try meditation. You can look at yoga for better results. You can also go for walks. However, if you are regular at gym you must consult your doctor. Swimming can be a good way to relax.
  6. Try to get into a routine so that you have a schedule.
  7. Do not do physically stressful work especially if you have been trying to conceive for a long time.
  8. Try to increase your sleep. A good eight to ten hours of sleep can really improve your chances of having a baby.
  9. Try to be happy and keep positive vibes around you. Try to take less stress at work.
  10. Try to avoid alcohol and quit smoking. Both smoking and alcohol are known to reduce possibility of women getting pregnant.
  11. Do not eat out and try to go in for a healthy diet that includes a lot of leafy vegetables and fruits.
  12. Chinese food is a big no for women who are trying to conceive even try to avoid sea fish as far as you can.
  13. Caffeine, papaya and pineapple have some chemicals that can prevent the fertilized egg from implanting on to the uterus as far as possible try to avoid these food items. This can give negative results in pregnancy.
  14. It is always a good idea to pay a visit to the doctor so that he or she can advise you on the dos and don’ts better. They can also tell you the risk you are actually in and what other precautions you must take.
  15. You can continue to have sex this week as having sex can improve the level of hormones in your body.

Your body in this week goes through a lot of changes but you will hardly realise these changes. The hormone level in the body is higher and as a result you may feel a little strange. You will not yet feel the early pregnancy symptoms so don’t worry if you are not getting any of these. There is time for it. Patience is the only keyword.

Second Week of Pregnancy

In the second week of pregnancy the above points hold good. Just the difference is that in this week the fertilised egg will be released into the uterus and implantation will occur. Implantation happens when the fertilised egg successfully plants itself into the womb. If no implantation occurs pregnancy is not possible. Some points that you must note about implantation occurrence:

  1. Some women may see some spotting at this stage. This is called implantation bleeding but it is not common in all women.
  2. It is also possible to get some cramps like you get during periods at this stage. Again it is not that all women will get this pain.
  3. All of a sudden the temperature of the body may show a slight increase. You can notice this if you are regularly checking your body temperature over the last one week.

If you have not been able to notice any of the above changes don’t lose heart just have patience and wait for a few more days so that you can confirm your pregnancy. We hope that this article on week one and two of pregnancy will help you to get a better idea of how pregnancy starts and how you can ensure that you get positive results.

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