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Skin Care For Teens

Teenage is one of the most crucial stages in the development of your child. This is the stage when the child slowly becomes an adult. The teenagers want to look the best and even a small skin problem can be a big issue to them. We will now discuss about the “Skin care for teens”. This might help you to understand how you can deal with the regular skin problems of your child that can also affect their image and personality. Some points that you must understand here are:

  1. A teenager gives huge importance to the skin problems. This is even more serious if your teenager is a girl. You have to be sensitive and listen to all that they have to say. If you do not show interest in their skin problem they may withdraw from you thinking that you do not bother about them. Some teenagers become introverts and also refuse to socialise because of their skin problems. To you it may be just a pimple but to your child it can be a very big issue.
  2. Another point that you must keep in mind is that the skin problems of the teenager must be taken seriously. If they are neglected then in the future they may become an even bigger concern. For example a pimple if not taken care of can leave a bad scar that can take years to go.
  3. You must explain to your teenager that these problems are common. They are happening as the body is facing hormonal changes and it will go off as soon as they are out of the teens. You can also tell them to be positive about it and not stress themselves too much about the skin problems. Too much worry will only depress them and it can also increase the trouble more.
  4.  Another challenge that you may face with the skin problems of your teenager is that they will try all products under the sun. They will use creams and medicines that their friends tell them. They will research on the net and can come with some really weird remedies. Please stop them from doing too many experiments with the skin problems. Please try the common remedies and steps that we will be discussing now. If the problem continues take them to a doctor and do not let them use any and every cream they feel like. This can only increase the trouble more.

Some common skin problems for teens are:

  1. Pimples
  2. Dry skin
  3. Acne
  4. Extremely oily skin
  5. Dandruff that causes skin irritation
  6. Sun burn
  7. A scar that they develop by hurting themselves
  8. Skin becoming dull and dark

These problems are commonly seen in teenagers across the world. It is natural and it will happen. You cannot remove them completely you can only suggest the following teenage skin care tips:

  1. Let the child drink a lot of water. They must have eight to ten glasses of water that will keep the skin and the body hydrated.
  2. The diet of a teenager usually contains a lot of junk food that is one reason that they develop skin problems. You must give them a lot of fruits and vegetables. You can help them to make a balanced diet plan. They must have green vegetables too. All these will ensure that the skin does not get very oily and their metabolism is working fine. If the teenager is not into a healthy diet he or she will face more of the skin problems that we have mentioned above.
  3. The teenagers must wash their face four to five times a day. This is because the oil glands of the skin are more active in this stage of life and the skin naturally gets oilier. The washing of the face will keep the skin clean and not get too oily. This can reduce the problem of pimples to a great extent.
  4. All the teenagers must use a good sunscreen before they step out of the house. You must also buy them a good pair of shades that will protect their eyes and their face. If the teenager can wear a hat or a cap then it can help to protect their skin even more. The teenagers expose themselves to the sun much more than a normal person does. This is why the sun can cause a lot of damage to the skin. Following these tips can be really helpful for tanning and skin burn problems.
  5. A proper sleep is also essential for the better skin of the teenagers.
  6. Some teenagers suffer from dandruff as they do not oil their hair regularly. Some take too much of study pressure and stress as a result they too develop dandruff. Dandruff can cause hair fall and also cause a lot of irritation on the skin. The parents should ensure that the teenager oils the hair once or twice a week and the oil should stay overnight. You can also give a nice head massage to the teenager. This will reduce the dandruff problem. The teenagers must not use the comb or caps of others. They must shampoo their hair regularly in order to ensure that the dandruff problem is solved. 
  1. The teenagers must ensure that they do not prick the pimple or scratch the same as this may aggravate the same and leave a scar. If the pimple or acne has pus developing in it then the cleaning must be done using ear buds. Please do not touch it with your hands as that will spread the germs more.

    Teenage Skin Care

    Teenage Skin Care

We will now discuss some of the home remedies for teenage skin care that you can try for skin problems:

  1. Use a face mask of sandalwood powder and rosewater on the whole face this will reduce the oiliness of the skin and will also reduce the pimple problem of the teenager.
  2. If the skin is tanned then you can try using lemon juice mixed with water this can remove the tan slowly and lighten the skin.
  3. You must ensure that the teenager uses warm water to wash face as both too hot and too cold water is not good for the skin pores.
  4. Some teenagers suffer from black heads. Try to use a mild scrub to wash your face every night and morning. This will remove the dead skins and remove the black heads naturally.
  5. You can also use honey and apply it on the skin to remove the dirt from the skin.
  6. Aloe Vera can be very useful and it can nourish your skin. This is absolutely natural and can add a glow to the skin that was exposed to the sun.

We have tried to discuss almost all the points of under the skin care for teens. Please try to follow these points and you will see that the skin problems of your child are taken care of so well. The skin problems in teenage is common. If they are taken care of on time it can make your and your child’s life much easier. Always remember that natural remedies are the best if they fail then you can consult a doctor before you try any medicine or cream.

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