Published On: Wed, Feb 27th, 2013

Safe Sex During Pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy is a topic that the couples want to know more about. There are few sites where you can find detailed information on this topic. We will now discuss about safe sex during pregnancy elaborately. First let us discuss the misconceptions. The elders say that during pregnancy you should keep your mind free and you should not think of passion as it may have a negative impact on the unborn. Well this is wrong. You need to be happy during pregnancy. Whatever you want to do you can definitely do. It is absolutely normal to have sex during pregnancy.

The first point on safe sex during pregnancy is that you must discuss about it with your doctor. You must be open to your doctor about the topic. The doctor can advise you if your pregnancy is normal enough to have safe sex during pregnancy. If only your doctor says that you can have safe sex during pregnancy you must go for it. For the husbands we must mention here that it is not necessary that all women would like to have sex during pregnancy. Some may like the idea and some may be uncomfortable. The husbands must understand and not push their wives to have sex. This may have a very bad affect on the child.

It is not necessary that you have to have sex to feel loved. You can also hold each other, kiss, etc. These gestures will make you bond and keep the relationship healthy. For the women if you don’t feel like having sex then, must to talk to you partner. If you get irritated and angry it will not help. Some couple feel that oral sex during pregnancy is definitely safe. Well the answer is not always. If you are having oral sex then you must ensure that the man should not blow air into the vagina. This act can be very dangerous for the baby and the mother. The mother should not have sex with unknown men during pregnancy as this may increase the risks of sexually transmitted diseases.

In some cases the couple must avoid sex during pregnancy and they are if the woman had a history of miscarriage, a history of pre term labour, etc. If there is a case of vaginal bleeding, leakage of amniotic fluid, etc then too sex must be avoided. If the placenta is lower than normal then the couple should not indulge in sex during pregnancy. If the cervix is bigger than normal the chances for miscarriage increases as a result the couple should stay away from sex. If you are expecting a twin or triplets then you must not involve in sex. Well we are just telling you under what circumstances you must stay away from safe sex during pregnancy.

This is definitely not to scare you. You must know that the baby is well protected in the amniotic sac. This is a thick shield and is protected from any infection. This is exactly why the penis cannot touch the foetus during sex. If the pregnancy is normal and has low risks then sex can never harm anyone. However, some doctors say that during the first few and last few weeks it is better to avoid sex. Violent sexual activity in the first few weeks may lead to miscarriage and sex in the last few weeks may lead to premature delivery.

It is advised that during pregnancy don’t indulge in violent sex ever. Try to keep the process slow and smooth. At any point of time if either of you feel uncomfortable then please don’t go ahead with it. You must communicate with each other and ensure that you both are convinced. Communication becomes very important. The man and the woman should understand each other and ensure that they respect their feelings. It is normal for women to feel sexual drive at times and there maybe days when they don’t want to have sex at all.

The position that you must follow is the woman on top or side lying. These positions are advised as pregnancy advances. In the initial months you can have normal sex with the man on top. You can also try other positions that make the sexual process more comfortable for both of you. As the term approaches you must ensure that you start using a condom as it may cause complications. Some feel that they should always use a condom while having sex during pregnancy. This is not true. In the initial stages sex without condom is absolutely fine. Deep penetration should be avoided if the woman is not comfortable.

Some women say that after sex they feel their baby moving more. Well this is absolutely fine. The baby moves more as your heart beats faster this does not mean that the baby has felt any pain. So just relax. Well one point of caution here. You must not use a lubricating cream or gel for sex. This may cause harm to the unborn.

If after having safe sex during pregnancy you notice anything uncommon like bleeding, pain, etc. Then please contact your doctor immediately.  The doctor will advise you on what should be done. We hope that we have answered all your queries about safe sex during pregnancy. We hope you will be able to understand what is best for you and your baby during pregnancy now.

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