Published On: Mon, Dec 30th, 2013

Have Patience With Your Loved Ones !!

If I ask any parent – do you  know how to deal with kids or have your heard about the power of patience – mostly I would expect a reaction – aah we have been doing it for years, dont try to teach us. Only some would admit in private that they actually do not know much about the subject and have been doing things out of instinct, which normally leads to thrashing your child more often than not. So let us talk more about it starting with a small incident described below.

The Million Dollar (Innocent) Question

My little one came to me one afternoon and hugged me very tightly. I felt very warm but at the same time I felt something is not right and I said, “Mamma loves you too sweetheart” She loosened the hug a little bit and then looked at me with sobbing expressions on her face and spoke in a fearful voice. “Mum will you beat me if I break a glass?

Dealing With Kids

Dealing With Kids


I heard her and then all of a sudden I was feeling so heavy. My baby, my sweetheart whom we handle so lovingly and so positively was asking me such a painful question! I put my hands on her cheeks and kissed her on the forehead. She looked a little relaxed with my expressions and then I spoke, “Sweetheart! What made you feel like this. Did anyone tell you this? She said, “No actually auntie beat Ridhi (our neighbors) when she broke the glass”

I somehow had a clue where she was coming from. I hugged her again and said, “No my baby, you are such a good baby. You always listen to me. Why would I beat you?  I will never beat you. Would you like to do some coloring or play with clay?” she asked me immediately, “Will you play with me? I said, “Of course dear!”  and that day we really had a great time together.

A Lesson On How To Deal With Kids: Power of Patience

That day my little girl taught me so many lessons. I really felt bound to think that why we forget our boundless love for our kids and get carried away by a situation where we choose to get loud with them and even physical? Is a glass more important for me or my little girl? What do I want to achieve when I shout At VeraJohn har valgt Microgaming som en av sine leverandorer bor friste mange nordmenn som er ute etter nye og unike spilleautomater som de ikke finner hos andre norske sites. on her? Sometimes we shout at the kids sometime Catch the first artist casino to have seven songs from a debut album chart on the Billboard Hot 100] Our songbook features all the tunes from the teen pop/RandB sensation: Bigger * Down to Earth * Favorite Girl * First Dance * Love Me * One Less Lonely Girl * One Time. we show them aggressive body language Sorry, but Orlando Bloom and justin bieber boyfriend are more famous then any of them combined. and sometimes we casino online actually beat them. How come we behave in such an unacceptable manner?

As parents, as guardians we pamper our kids so much. We like to give the kids nothing but the best. We stand in the queue for hours to get the admission forms submitted in the best schools of the town. Daughters should look like princess and sons should look like a prince all the time.

After some introspection I identified a few reasons for such behavior. It is our behavior and happenings around that makes our kids insecure, violent, aggressive, and irritable or get embroiled in a whole lot of negative emotions.

Stress, Stress, Stress !!!

The first and most important factor is our stressful life where we race. We race in every aspect of life. If there is a presentation in the office there is a race to get quick promotion. If there is a casual dress day in the school mothers get a stress to buy the most beautiful dress for the kids so that they can have a higher place amongst their peers. Parents work for long hours with lot of professional stress. When they reach back home they expect their children to be quiet and understanding.

Have Patience

Have Patience

The big question is – Does It Happen? And the obvious answer is – No, A Big Big No !!!

The kids don’t know what happened at work or what happened at home duties. What they know is what happened at their school and how they can share it with mum and dad and that mum and dad  acknowledge the efforts and fun made in the school with full attention. On the contrary, with our hands full with chores, a preoccupied mind and a perpetually tired body we tend to act in an unwarranted manner with our little ones.

The effect of this unwarranted behavior at our end may have far reaching consequences on the psyche of our children. Some children start indulging in negative behavior to attract the parents attention. All this can be avoided just by paying a little attention to our children. When this attention is complemented with some amount of patience self control, the messages that you will send across to your child will be assurance, appreciation and lots and lots of love.

The child will never feel neglected and grow up as a family person. Spend quality time with kids. Their laughter and contentment will revive you and reenergize you. Co-relate their daily activities with the tales. They will certainly understand what do you want to tell them and next time child will be more cautious before repeating the same thing.

Author”s Note:

Even if this discussion on dealing with kids is sufficient to provoke a few minutes of thoughtfulness and you introspect and realize the power of patience and positivity, I would consider my objective accomplished. With a positive upbringing your children will start setting behavioral examples in their peer group getting you accolades for your upbringing from all fronts. Their success as good human beings will be the best compliment that you will ever receive. It is completely up to us how we behave with our children and what kind of human beings they come out to be.

May God bless us all parents with lot of patience, positivity and self control

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