Published On: Wed, Jun 23rd, 2021

Best Age to Start School for Toddlers

A question that often haunts parents is when they should actually put the child in school. We will now discuss best age to start school for toddlers. There are few points that you must keep in mind and they are.

Inability of Complete Expression

The child cannot express what they want all the time. Even you have to struggle sometimes to understand what it that they actually want. Thus you must wait till the child can express what they want. They should be able to at least say that they want to go to the toilet. They should also know how to ask for water and food. If they cannot communicate these basic things you cannot put them in school. They should know their name. These are just for emergency.

Be patient

Some children talk faster than the others. This is exactly why they can tell what they want. Girls generally speak before boys. If your child can express what they want from one and a half years that does not mean that they are prepared for school. You should wait at least till they are two years old. If you hurry then it might not be good for the development of the child.


When the child is too small they will not be able to communicate why they are upset. Many children don’t like going to school. As a parent we scold them. Well we should try to understand their version of the story too. Maybe they are facing some issues that they are not able to tell the parents about. This is exactly why you should wait for the child to be at least two and a half to go to a proper school.

Charity begins at home

As soon as the child is about six months you can start teaching them alphabets. You can also teach them small poems. They will not be able to speak out these words but they will start to learn by listening. You can also use many games that are available in the market. There is much software that you can use for the same purpose. You will be surprised to see how fast the child is learning.

Initially they will be able to show you the alphabets and when they learn to speak they can tell the same. Children have a better ability to learn. However, we have to make learning interesting for them. The point is the more you communicate with them the faster they will learn. It is true that they will be taught all these in schools. Nevertheless, if you start teaching early the kids will learn the subjects faster.

5 years: Not good

Many parents feel that they will teach the child in the house and will send them to school only when they are five years old. Well this is not a good idea. The child must start going to school around two and a half to three years at the maximum. When they go to school they will interact with other children. They will make their first friends and they will learn to socialise. This is very important for the child and his or her development.

When they are with other children they will learn faster. This will also help them to talk faster. You yourself will be surprised to see how the child is adapting to the change. Sending the child directly to nursery may be a problem for both the child and the parents. You must start with preschool at least. This will be a great learning opportunity for the child.

We hope that we have almost answered all the questions on best age to start school for toddlers. However, as a parent you must ensure that you start toilet training. You must ensure that you don’t put the child in dippers when you are doing the toilet training. You must make them wear comfortable clothes so that they can learn to do toilet on their own. This is very important if you want to send the child to school. The toddler will cry in the first few days. This is because they are in an unknown environment.

They will also cry as they see other children crying. You will have to make yourself strong and ensure that you take handle the situation well. Always remember that you should not scold the child. By scolding you will either make the child stubborn or make them lose confidence. You must talk to the child about school and explain that why they should go there. This will help them to deal with the new change better. Start the conversation about two weeks before the school starts. You can take then shopping for the school stationery to make them feel more excited.

We have tried to cover all the points that we could think of under best age to start school for toddlers. You must follow all these points. You must ensure that you are mentally and physically prepared to take up the challenge. You should also prepare the child accordingly. This will make the process smooth and enjoyable for both of you.

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