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Changes In Woman’s Body After Marriage

After an intercourse the body of a woman goes through a lot of changes. In this article we will discuss the changes that can happen in the body of a woman once she gets into a relationship with a man. These are some questions that women often feel embarrassed to ask. However, you must be aware of all these before you look at having a relationship with a man.

The Four Phases

Sexual intercourse can make significant changes in the genitals of a human being whether it is a man or a woman. There are four phases into which the sexual intercourse can be divided and they are:

Excitement phase

Each of these phases will have their own impact on the body of the man and the woman. Let’s start with the excitement phase. This phase can last from a few minutes to a few hours. In this phase the blood is pumped into the spongy tissues of the penis as a result they become erect. This also elevates the scrotal sac and brings the testes up. In the body of the woman the vaginal walls stretch and get lubricated so that the intercourse can happen easily. The uterus also rises a little. The vaginal lips also open a little to help the intercourse.

Plateau phase

In the second phase of the intercourse which is called the plateau phase. This is an intense phase so it lasts only for a few seconds. The penis in this phase becomes larger and the tip of the penis becomes reddish. For the woman the outer portion of the vagina swells as the blood flow to this region increases. The inner lip of the vagina elevates and the clitoris hides behind the hood. If the woman has never had sex before then this is the phase when the virgin knot may open up. This may not happen always. There are many reasons for that. Women who have been very active in sports or have done horse riding may not experience this. In some women it can be combined with a slight bleeding too.

Orgasmic phase

The next phase is that of orgasmic phase. This is a very short phase and can last only for a few seconds. During this phase there are rhythmic contractions in the penis and in the testes as a result semen comes out of the penis in spurts. This can give a lot of sexual pleasure to the man. This is also called ejaculation. The woman on the other hand experiences rhythmic contraction of the platform. This can be three to up to fifteen. Each contraction lasts for eight mili seconds. This can give a lot of sexual pleasure to the women.

Resolution phase

The last will be the resolution phase. In this phase which lasts for about ten seconds. The penis at this stage will shrink to half of what it was when it was erect. In the second stage of this phase the penis will slowly get back to its original size and the testes will also descend. The woman will also experience something similar during this phase. The clitoris will slowly return to its original position. The vagina will take about fifteen minutes to get back to its original size and colour. The uterus will also slowly gain its actual position. This can take a little longer maybe twenty five minutes. The inner and outer lips of the vagina will also get back to their original size slowly.

Changes in Other Body Parts

Apart from genitals the other parts of the body can also experience changes during the sexual intercourse. Red spots may appear on the abdomen, breasts and throat. These are called sex flush. The muscular tension will make the nipples erect. The thighs become tense and the back also becomes a little arched.

The nostrils can also flare. These are all temporary changes and will go off soon after the orgasm. A thin layer of perspiration covers the whole body. The heart rate and the blood pressure will also see a rise. All these return to normal soon after the intercourse is over.

Is it painful?

Some women may experience the sexual intercourse as a painful affair. There can be many reasons for that. Some women are too nervous during the whole process as a result they may not be able to enjoy it. Some women are not very comfortable and having sex for the first time can be a painful process.

If you are not comfortable and relaxed the vagina will not be lubricated enough. if the vagina is not lubricated the whole process of sex can be very painful and the pain may last for a few hours or days. One thing that you must keep in mind is that foreplay is very important. If you have a good time during the foreplay you will be more excited during the intercourse and will be able to enjoy it better.

Hymen Factor

If your hymen is intact you may find sex a little more difficult. You must clearly communicate with your partner and tell them if you feel that the pain is too much to take. The whole idea is for both of you to enjoy so if you are in pain the whole purpose is defeated. When the hymen ruptures there will be a pain and a slight bleeding. Rupturing of the hymen (opening of virgin knot) is perhaps the only permanent change that you will experience in your body after sex.

We have already mentioned about this before in the article. This is normal and happens to many women. There is nothing to get scared. It may happen that penetration does not happen in the first attempt itself. You must ensure that your partner is sensitive and understands the problem. After repeated intercourse this can be achieved. There is no need to feel guilty about it. If your partner loves you he will understand. If you try too hard and go through a lot of pain it can only make the matter worse.

These are some points that you must know about changes in woman’s body after intercourse. We hope that this will help you to have a better first experience of sexual intercourse

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