Published On: Sat, Jan 11th, 2014

Why Does My Child Wet Bed: Emotional Causes Of Bedwetting

There could be several reasons why kids wet bed, but one of the main causes of bedwetting is related to emotional issues. Let us take an everyday example from daily soaps.



Most of us watch daily soaps especially in the Asian subcontinent it is favourite past time for stay at home moms. One of the famous characters we love is five year old Peehu from a popular soap “Bade Ache Lagte Hain”. She has been portrayed as a sensible child who listens to her mom and not aggressive at all. There was a situation when she was separated from her mother n bullied by her step mother and she went through lot of emotional stress. That stress resulted in Bedwetting.

The director presented that situation so well covering all the aspects that we instantly came to know about the reason n we all expressed our concerns. Nobody blamed the baby at all.

Real Life Scenario

Now my question is-Does it actually happen in real life when kids wet bed. When our child wets the bed at night, do we just say any of the following sentences:

“Oh poor baby. That”s alright. Muma understands the reason dear. Muma is with you always. You need not to feel scared. We will handle it together. “

Put your hand on your heart and be true. Without knowing the causes of bedwetting, most of the common reactions are

1. Oh my God! When will you grow up

2. Oh God ! Not again. You are such a big mess

3. You idiot! I am feeling like slapping you

4. You are such a shame

5. You have ruined my night sleeps. Now change all the linen at this hour of night. Oh God! Save me

6. If you bed wet again I am gonna tell the doctor to give you an injection

7. Today I am gonna make you stand naked the whole night so that you don”t dare to do it again

8. Today I am going to rub your face on the linen. So that you don”t do it again

Imagine the situation of your most loving child what will he be going through. At that time we don”t think even once what made him do bed wetting. Was the child upset since evening. Has he been bullied in the school today. Had he seen a bad dream. Is the baby going through some physical weakness.

Try to Find Causes of Bedwetting When Kid Wets Bed

Following are the steps we can take when the child starts Bedwetting. If the child does Bedwetting occasionally

1. Try to recall what was the last day the child did the same. If it”s the same day today.

2. Try to recall what kind of diet he had last time. Was there anything which caused him feeling cold at night and the child just leaked in the under pants

3. Try not to give the child lot of liquid at night. As juices n milk at bed time increases the urge to urinate more than the solid diet.

4. Try Includes your Experian credit score ratings report and score, 3 bureau credit score ratings monitoring, internet ID scanning and fraud resolution support. to figure out from online casino the class teacher if the child is going through some stress. If the child is able to cope up with the studies well. There can be a possibility that the child is feeling scared of some specific teacher.

5. If the child uses school transportation try to find out if the child is being teased by senior students.

6. If you have a close communication with your child then try to explore what was the child feeling at night when it just happened. If it was a bad dream or some specific fear. If someone has hurt him emotionally.

7. Assure the child that you will be close if the child needs you at night.

8. Try to make the child laugh so that he is happy in dreams too.

What To Do When Kid Wets Bed Regularly

1. Consult the doctor to discuss about the possible causes of bedwetting. Please don”t discuss everything in front of the child.

2. Start the medication if the doctor suggests. Please make sure you don”t mention it to the child again and again that he is being treated for Bedwetting.

3. Put the alarm for almost the same time when your child complains of Bedwetting. Wake up the child at night and take him to washroom.

4. Complete the treatment and shower extra love and affection to the child so that child starts feeling strong inside.

5. Please make sure the family members don”t discuss about the treatment in front of the child.

Hope by now you understand at least the emotional aspect of the causes of bedwetting. Whatever is the reason for your child”s bedwetting is, kindly make sure it does not become a topic of humour in the family or friends. It is just your love and extreme patience which can recover your child soon. Otherwise there are cases where children wet their beds till adolescence too.

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