Published On: Tue, Mar 25th, 2014

Can I Help My Son With Drug Addiction?

The teenagers today have huge exposure to the internet. They mingle with kids of different countries and social background thanks to the social media. We are not saying that exposure to the internet is bad. All that we are trying to say is that you have to keep a close eye on what your child is doing on the internet and what are the people he is associating with. Drugs are becoming very common in the school and the college campus. Many teenagers and young adults are getting addicted to the drugs. The problem is more common than it seems. It is an international issue and many parents often ask “Can I help my son with drug addiction?” Well the answer is yes you can. All that you need to do is keep some points in mind and ensure that you follow the same.

  1. Try to understand why your child is getting into addiction? When you know the cause you will be able to fight it better.
  2. You must try to find out that your child is into drug addiction at the earliest. The earlier you find if they are addicted the better it will be for you to handle the situation. If the child is asking for too much money all of a sudden then please try to find out why. Also ask them where they are going and when will they be back.
  3. There are some misconceptions about drug addiction that you must clarify. Some feel that only boys can get addicted to drugs. This is not true actually even girls have equal chances of getting addicted.

    Drug Addiction Help

    Drug Addiction Help

  4. The second misconception about drug addiction in kids is that it can start only at the age of fifteen sixteen so the parents discuss this with the children when they are around this age. This might be too late. As soon as the child reaches high school you must tell him or her about drugs. Tell them how harmful it maybe and give a logical explanation to why they should stay away from it. If you tell a teenager that you must not have drugs it is not going to help. You have to explain why you feel that drugs must be avoided at any cost. Tell them the physical and mental problems that they may face due to drug addiction. This will help them to understand the actual reason why you are advising them to stay away from the same. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to drugs.
  5. The third and the most common misconception about drug addiction is that the children who are happy and from a happy family background do not get addicted to drugs. Well happiness and love may play a certain role in drug addiction but it is not the only factor. For example if the friends of your child tell him or her that they must try drugs once and under peer pressure the child takes drugs and slowly get addicted to it then you cannot control it. This happens most of the time and this is why we say that please be close to your children and spend quality time with them no matter how old they actually are.

These were the steps that you can take to ensure that the child do not get into drug addiction. We will now in this article discuss about how you can take care of a child who is into drug addiction already. When it comes to drugs it is always better to be safe than be sorry. Before discussing more into it we must tell you how you can find out if your child is into drug addiction:

  1. If the child shows some sudden physical changes that make them look sick and drowsy.
  2. If your child’s grade starts suffering all of a sudden.
  3. You will see that your child is losing sleep and appetite for no strong reason whatsoever.
  4. You may notice that the child is becoming more and more rebellious. He or she does not pay attention to the things that were of great importance to them in the past.
  5. The child may get agitated easily and also shout at you for small reasons. You can also see if the child has got some new friends and not keeping in touch with the old ones.
  6. The clothes of the child pay smell of drugs so you must keep checking them regularly.

If you find these changes in your child do ask their friends for the reason why the child is acting so different. You can also confront the child. Do not neglect these signs and please consult a doctor at the earliest. This will help you to take care of the problem much better and also ensure that the child gets proper care and treatment on time. You have to be strong and patient with the child. Do not lose your temper or break down. This will depress the child more. The treatment for drug addiction can be painful and you have to be careful and check that the child gets out of the habit at the earliest.

You must know that this is a common problem that many parents face across the world you are not the only one who is suffering because of this. You must never feel that it is the end of the world and your child will never be able to have a normal life again. Never blame yourself for the situation either. The only suggestion that works in the case of Can I help my son with drug addiction is patience and strength. If you yourself become weak you cannot help your child. Don’t blame the child or hit them it will only make them more rebellious and spoil the environment of the house. Do not shout at them and be as calm as possible. They have not done a crime. It is a mistake that they have done and you just have to help them realise it and correct it. Be sensitive and caring to the child. Parenting is a tough job and dealing with a drug addicted child can be the most challenging part of parenting. You can take to prayers and also meditation. Take the child on a holiday and try to make some memories. You can also send the child to a rehabilitation centre if the problem gets too serious. You can join online forum of parents who have faced these situations in real life and get more ideas to deal with the problem you are facing.

You can consult psychiatrists and counsellors who can help you to deal with this problem better and also help your child to get out of drugs. If you do not handle the situation well then it can become a problem of a lifetime. If you just follow the tips that we have mentioned it will definitely help you to deal with this difficult situation and also come out successful. We hope that we were able to answer all your questions on “Can I help my son with drug addiction?”

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