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10 Signs Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very important stage in the life of a woman. We will now discuss some of the common signs that are associated with pregnancy. These will help you to know that you are pregnant. These 10 signs of pregnancy are common in most of the women. We must tell that all these signs will not be present at the same time. You may get some of these at one time. Sometime pregnancy is unplanned. In other cases in our busy lives we tend to keep a track of our periods. If you experience any of these symptoms noted below you must consult your doctor.

  1. The most common of the 10 signs of pregnancy is common is vomiting. You may feel like vomiting even if you have water. This is a common problem that the pregnant women feel in the first trimester. You may also feel nausea. This can be accompanied with or without vomiting. It is not necessary that all women will feel this sign. If you get vomiting sensation and you have skipped your periods do consult a doctor before taking any medicine



  2. The next in the 10 signs of pregnancy is that you will develop an aversion for food. You would like to avoid food as much as possible. This can also go to the extent that you will hate your favourite food too. The look of food will make you feel sick and not interested at all. This is a sign that many women experience. You may start hating some smells and get attracted to the others. Your hunger may reduce. You may be done after a little food. Lack of interest in food will happen in the first three months only.
  3. Back pain and body pain is again a common symptom that women may experience in pregnancy. You may also get a bad headache. These signs can be very dangerous as women often may not understand them as a result they land up taking pain killers. Any pain killer at this stage can be very harmful for the baby. Next time you get these strange pains ensure that you take medicines only after consultation with the doctors.
  4. Mood swings is very common in the initial days of pregnancy. You may feel that anything can make you upset. You will get irritated easily and also get angry very fast. This can be very strange for your partner to take. Crying and strange depression is also associated with pregnancy.
    Mood Swings

    Mood Swings

    This is a very common of the 10 signs of pregnancy. When you have these mood swings you may want to be all alone. In this situation just do what makes you happy. Try to think positive and surround yourself with things that make you feel good.

  5. Getting tired too easily is again associated with the 10 signs of pregnancy. If you are generally a very energetic person then during pregnancy you may get tired very soon. You may feel sleepy often and want to lie down. The sleep will be for a short span but very deep.  It will be so terrible that you will not be able to stay awake at any cost. Even if you are in an important meeting or in a class you will fall asleep. This will happen even if you try your best to be awake at the time. It can be strange for women who are highly professional and dedicated. Your body requires rest in pregnancy so please give it at least nine hours of sleep in a day.
  6. The sixth point in the 10 signs of pregnancy is that you may faint. You can lose your consciousness and fall down. When this happens ensure that you lie down. This can happen as you may experience high or low pressure during the early stages of pregnancy. If you faint then you must meet a doctor. She may suggest you what you need to do to deal with a situation like this.
  7. The next in the list of the 10 signs of pregnancy is the very famous morning sickness. Morning sickness is a combination of all those points that we have mentioned so far in this article. It can be different for different people. Some may feel more of morning sickness and some will feel a little less. It depends on the body type and the lifestyle. When you feel the signs of morning sickness you must meet your doctor at the earliest. The good part is that this signs will be there only in the first trimester.
  8. Some women can complain of frequent urination. Even if you hardly have any fluid you may feel like urinating. This is a common symptom of pregnancy. This can happen all through the pregnancy. Frequent urination is also associated with high blood sugar. If you have this as a symptom please consult your doctor immediately.
  9. Some uncommon symptoms of pregnancy that women experience is fever. Slight fever can be associated with pregnancy. Try not to take any medicines if you have not consulted the doctor of yours. Urine test not coming positive may not always mean that you are not pregnant. It may take some time for the test to come positive. Do consult your doctor if you have skipped your periods and have experienced any of the symptoms that we have mentioned here in the article.
  10. The last in the 10 signs of pregnancy that we would like to mention is restlessness. You will not be able to concentrate much in the job that you are doing. You will feel impatient and not be able to concentrate for long. As a result you may seem distracted to others. Some women will be engrossed in their own thoughts. They will forget about where they are and what they are doing. This is because of the hormonal changes that your body experiences in pregnancy.

We hope that this article on 10 signs of pregnancy will help you to understand the symptoms of pregnancy better and deal with it accordingly.

Legal Disclaimer From Our Editor: We do not claim to provide medical advice on this website but this is just an attempt to raise awareness. Do consult a physician before taking any action or medicine.

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